Rever - The Concept


Maritime, automotive & aviation inspiration is at the heart of each & every creation.

To celebrate our launch, we designed and created three stunning concept pieces, inspired by classic automobilia and maritime aesthetics and colours.

Customisation is key! We looked at specific automobiles and yachting vessels and drew on their unique characteristics. Then we used that inspiration to custom make one-off exclusive gem-set creations that embodied and became part of the experience.

In addition, an incredible collaboration with master silversmiths and craftmen Anthony Holt & Sons was forged to bring forth the ultimate in bespoke accessories.

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The Supercar Cuff

The ultimate car deserved the ultimate accessory!

Created as a concept project and experimenting with the lines and colours associated with supercars, we aimed to combine flair, flamboyance, speed and spectacle. The 'Supercar Cuff' is as bold in design as the supercar that inspired it.

With bold yet sleek lines, this masterpiece was custom built & hand made using master craftsman and cutting edge technology. It was crafted in 18k gold and set with carefully selected and perfectly cut fine Burmese Rubies and glittering Black & White Diamonds.

Like the supercars that inspired it, and the owner who'll wear it, this masterpiece will certainly make a statement.

The ultimate collection deserves the ultimate creation. View a short video of the project here.

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Ocean Blue Ring

Set sail and never look back!

Working with one of the world’s leading yachtmakers and designers, we designed and created a ring which reflects the passion of the ocean, sailing and yachting.

Bold and as tempestuous as the ocean itself, this masterpiece was inspired by the sheer love of being on the open sea. It was crafted in 18ct Gold and set with fine glittering diamonds, sea-blue Sapphires and a spectacular 62.75ct azure Blue Topaz.

The ultimate collection deserves the ultimate creation.

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Sirius Ring

Derived from the Ancient Greek word 'Seirios' meaning "glowing", Sirius is the brightest star in the Earth's night sky.

And just like its namesake, this gorgeous statement ring glows bright and beacons all to gaze upon its glory.

Inspired by the night sky as seen from the deck of a 100ft yacht, this masterpiece was crafted in 18k Gold and set with a galaxy of twinkling sparkly diamonds and a 19.34ct vivid-red Rubelite Tourmaline, as red as the red star itself.

The ultimate collection deserves the ultimate creation.

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Ultimate Accessories

The Ultimate luxury assets deserve the ultimate luxury bespoke accessories!

To compliment our jewellery creations, we work closely with one of the world’s foremost makers of luxury models, boxes and travel accessories.

Anthony Holt & Sons - a third generation family company - have been trading in luxury goods since 1915, working with corporate organisations ranging from Bugatti to Sunseeker, Bentley and Bombardier to name but a few. Anthony Holt & Sons are proud to produce bespoke silver models, wooden boxes, silver animals, leather goods and undertake bespoke commissions.

Anthony Holt & Sons - True British craftsmanship and silversmithing at its best.

The ultimate collection deserves the ultimate creation.