Rever - The Concept
Rever Creation

The Dream

RÊVER (verb, French) - To Dream... To Inspire & To amaze!

Inspired by the timeless masterpieces of the world of automotive, maritime and aviation, we design and create bespoke luxury jewellery & accessories to match the dreams they conjure. Rêver is the only luxury jewellery company dedicated to creating bespoke jewellery made to directly complement & enhance your existing luxuries.

You have the car! You have the yacht! You have the plane! Now... let us take you on a creative journey like no other to elevate your passion for those assets to a whole new level (view creations).

Rêver offers every client a personalised end-to-end bespoke design experience, working with the best designers in the world to create a unique and timeless piece based on your vehicle, taste and personal preference.

So dare to dream... and let us complement & complete your dreams.

Rever Creation

Our Heritage

Rêver was born from the Tivon Fine Jewellery Family legacy, with over 53 years of experience in designing & creating fine jewellery and sourcing the finest gemstones.

Managing Director, Ariel Tivon, who created the concept for Rêver explains: "I wanted to create something more personal, more luxurious, more exclusive & more meaningful than we had in the past… to raise the bar on our passion for gems & design and our client’s equal passion for beauty & rarity and a desire for something extraordinary."

"The worlds of automotive, maritime and aviation design spoke deeply to our appreciation of geometry, luminescence, engineering and total aesthetic. Fine jewellery creates equal passions but few reflect their customer's true aspirations. We wanted to create a new service and a new dynamic, engaging with our clients directly, with an experience equal to the design and end product."

Rever Creation

The experience

Customisation is the name of the game! People crave the inspirational & desire the very best. To offer our customers something truly special, unique, luxurious & exclusive we focus on the detail and relish in the customisation.

Our products, whether classical or avant-garde in design, will seek to encapsulate true beauty and perfection. They will be completely one-off and exclusive to our customers with unique customised personal touches .

However, what truly sets Rêver apart is the journey & the creative experience. Our clients are offered the opportunity to be involved in the creative process and to elevate this from the ordinary shopping experience to something extraordinary.

It isn't just about what you can own... but rather what you can experience!

Rever Creation

By Appointment
Dare to Dream!

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